The Sour Lemon Kush

To start off on a sad note, we’re not sure if the Lemon Kush wil ever make it to production. We made one of these frames for Ondrej from the Bohemian Border Bash. Ondrej is a good friend of ours and the BBB is a favorite yearly hang-out for the Sour Crew. So, when Ondrej approached us and asked if we could make a modified Purple Haze to fit a Rockshox gravel suspension fork, we did him one better and re-developed an old platform that we had sitting on our server.

The Lemon Kush is the bridge between the Purple Haze and the Pasta Party, borrowing techniques, geometry, and frame parts from both. We won’t reveal the 11-herbs-and-spices here, but let’s just say, you’re going to need every millimeter that fork has to give!

We showed the Lemon Kush off in early-2023 at the Kolektif show in Berlin. Poetic really, considering we debuted Sour Bicycles at this show way back in 2019, the “before-times”!