Pasta Party

Local lunch laps, or to the end of the world and back, the Pasta Party is a pure XC bike that never tires.

When we introduced our Pasta Party in 2021, we hoped it would be popular. Nowadays it has become almost the most popular model we sell… honestly, we shouldn’t have been so surprised, this bike shreds!

The Pasta Party is the bridge between our Purple Haze and the Crumble, or maybe the glue that holds them together… who knows! While both the Purple Haze and Crumble are down for a party as well as buckling down and getting down to business, the Pasta Party is truly the suit-and-tie XC bike of our line up. That is, tie-dye suit and tie with cutoff shorts, naturally.

We built the Pasta Party to be a thorough-bred with a wild hair. Pare the bike down with lighter components and fast tires and this thing will rock local XC Fight Club races. Or dress it up with some more adventure gear and chunky tires and send it all the way to Kyrgyzstan.

What makes this bike so special? A modern XC-based geometry paired with our very own passion for trail riding and adventures. A made-especially-for-Sour tubing set and custom bits all over the frame makes the Pasta Party truly a unique frame.

All of this, built by hand in Saxony!

Adventure Ready

We built the Pasta Party to be a fast and capable bike for not only your local lunch laps, but also any and all adventures you can dream up. We’ve seen the Pasta Party excel at big bikepacking races in Kyrgyzstan, Greece, Morocco, and countless more.

The Pasta Party is very much a companion to the Purple Haze gravel bike. We saw more and more people riding the Purple Haze on increasingly wild routes and we thought adding a fast-packing ready XC mountain bike to the line-up would be perfect.

The Pasta Party is one of our best selling frames and we couldn’t keep up with all the wild adventures the bike takes on even if we tried!

Now in its second generation after watching so many people ride the Pasta Party in local XC races and big bikepacking routes and races, we’ve honed the platform even further, all while keeping up with modern component trends.

Fully featured and fast.

The Pasta Party is unapologetically XC. The entire platform is focused on being efficient, light, and stable. The Pasta Party is just at home on singletrack as it is riding the gravel road to the singletrack.

The tapered headtube adds stiffness and drops weight, as does the flat mount rear brake mount. And don’t forget the eccentric bottom bracket! With about 8mm of adjustment, you can either dial in your fit for maximum pedaling efficiency, or go singlespeed and just walk everywhere!

We ovalized the top tube, as well as a bit of the seat tube for better power transfer. All of this is paired with three bottle cage mounts for all the Go Far H2O™.

Singlespeed? All the speeds? Dropper? Rigid? Yes

We built the Pasta Party to be ready for anything, and bein ready for anything means being able to run any setup. Geared, or not. Mechanical or electronic. Hydraulic or *sqquueeaal*. It’s up to you!

Tapered headtube, flat mount rear brake, and modern geometry. The gang’s all here!

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All Sour Bicycles frames are made by hand, one-by-one, in our own facility in Saxony, just outside of Dresden. We use custom tubing designed and drawn for our frames, it’s a multi-butted heat-treated CrMo steel that’s ready to stand the test of time. All our steel is produced from a partially recycled product in Germany and drawn by one of the worlds leading production facilities in Taiwan, the beating heart of the worlds bicycle production.

Our dropouts are designed in-house in Dresden and have a replaceable derailleur hanger.

The seat clamp is designed in-house and is integrated into the frame. Should it ever fail, the frame can be professionally modified to use a traditional clamp, if repair of the original clamp is not possible. We have never seen one fail.

By the numbers:

Headtube: EC34/EC44 tapered headtube
Bottom bracket: 73mm BSA with eccentric shell (EBB)
Rear spacing: 148x12mm Boost thru axle
Seatpost: 27.2 mm (dropper post ready)
Brake standard: flat-mount 160mm direct (FM160)
Fork travel: 100 – 120mm travel
Wheel Size: 29″
Tire size: up to 29×2.4”
Tubing: Custom drawn, multiple butted, partly heat treated SOUR CrMo (we love steel)

Bonus facts and features:

Run it singlespeed or with a derailleur!
Two water bottle mounts inside frame, a third bottle mount under downtube
External cable routing on the downtube for easy service
Stealth dropper post routing
27,2mm seatpost diameter for maximum comfort when running a rigid post
Ovalized lower seattube section for better power transfer (go fast)
Ovalized toptube for comfort and precise steering (don’t crash)
Maximum chainring size: 38t round or 36t oval

Fork Options

Sour Rigid Party fork, Steel MTB Boost 29″

Sour Carbon MTB Boost 29″ fork

  • Offset 44/52mm via flip-chip, tire clearance op to 29″x3.0″, 3 cargo cage eyelets per fork leg
  • Front dynamo hub cable routing

Dropper Options

Crankbrothers Highline XC 100mm 27.2mm

  • Total length 427mm, min. insertion length 100mm, max. insertion length 264mm, max. extended length 300mm

PNW Rainier GEN3 XC 125mm 27.2mm

  • Total length 452mm, min. insertion length 120mm, max. insertion length 282mm, max. extended length 330mm

Dropper Remote:

Highline Remote Universal, mounting left or right

PNW LOAM Lever Remote, 22.2mm

Below are the frame and fork weights for each size of the Sour Pasta Party. These weight include powdercoating, but please keep in mind that your chose powdercoat may be heavier than the average coating we use. Fades, gradients, and metallic colours can weigh more than single solid colour. If you are interested the final weight, please get in touch. Weights are averaged over three frames per size. We apply an inside wax coating before shipping the frame to your door that will add additional weight.


Pasta Party S = 2350g +/- 100g

Pasta Party M = 2425g +/- 100g

Pasta Party L = 2610g +/- 100g

Pasta Party XL = 2710g +/- 100g


SOUR MTB Boost Gabel = 680g +/- 20g

Included with your frame

Included with your Pasta Party frame or frameset is an eccentric bottom bracket, derailleur hanger and derailleur hanger “dummy” hanger for singlespeed use. You get a rear thru-axle of course, and if you’re ordering a frameset, you get a front axle with your fork as well. Headsets are only included if you add one to your order.