Bad Granny – Limited Edition

Sold Out! Thanks everyone who bought a pre-order Bad Granny! We sold out of these in one weekend… wild!

Limited Edition!
We’re bringing back the Bad Granny and to celebrate we’ve got a rusty klunker kit ready to roll.
Limited to 10 sets, so get on it while you still can! Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

The Bad Granny is back baby!

After a years long hiatus, the Bad Granny has just slammed the double swinging doors open and proclaimed “this town ain’t big enough for the both of us”! To celebrate the return of the Bad Granny, we’ve teamed up with Cyber Cycles and Brainfart Industries to make sure this bikes re-entry into our atmosphere is as spectacular as the bike rides, looks, and just generally “is”.

This limited edition Bad Granny is delivered as raw as the day it was born. Together with Brainfart Industries and Cyber Cranks we’ve curated the most ready-to-klunk Bad Granny build we’ve ever dreamt up. Raw steel cranks, raw steel bars with integrated dropper. Perfect.

The Bad Granny has been around since day one here at Sour. We wanted a fun side-project, and an homage bike seemed like a perfect fit. Singlespeed it, run gears, race it, ride it, commute it, it’s up to you! This frame can handle it all, as long as “all” ends with a cool beverage and good company.

The Bad Granny looks the same as the OG mountain bikes, but it is anything but ancient. Boost spacing, internal dropper routing, and all the other modern day standards are present and accounted for on this frame… no worries about running fancy robo-shifting if that’s your thing!

All of this, built by hand in Saxony!

Don’t Call it Old Fashioned

Sure, the Bad Granny might look like a barn find from 1970’s in Marin County, and although we stuck to more “retro” geometry and looks, the Bad Granny is at home on everything from café rides to modern trails. Granted, a bike like this is really best ridden with a rigid fork, it is also ready to run a 100mm suspension fork if that’s your thing.

Café Ready Technology™

A lot of our bikes are designed with big adventures in mind. Big rides, big climbs, or even big goals of riding your bike to work everyday for a month! The Bad Granny is no different.

However, instead of trans-continental journeys, we were more thinking of trans-local-trails-and-then-hit-the-café kind of adventures. Wake up early suit up in your most appropriate Vans and baggies, and head out into the wild world… who knows what could happen in the hour or two between the trailhead and the local beverage-terrace, better bring provisions!

Jokes aside, we’ve seen tons of Bad Granny frames built up into the coolest commuter in town, but we’ve also seen lot’s of them built up into what can only be described as an ATB. I know, I know, it’s wild, but the geometry can really truthfully only be described as: will shred.

Brainfart Industries

Flori, aka Brainfart Industries will “make anything once”, so it took quite some convincing for Flori to want to make all ten custom steel 22.2mm bars for the limited Bad Granny with integrated dropper remotes. We can’t promise that every bar might be a little bit different and every remote with a different shape. Who knows!

Cyber Cycles and Actofive

Cyber Cycles and Actofive are both friends of Sour Bicycles and have agreed to combine their powers to build a sweet crankset and chainring combo. Enjoy the beauty of the Actofive chainring and the earned patina of the raw steel cranks.

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All Sour Bicycles frames are made by hand, one-by-one, in our own facility in Saxony, just outside of Dresden. We use custom tubing designed and drawn for our frames, it’s a multi-butted heat-treated CrMo steel that’s ready to stand the test of time. All our steel is produced from a partially recycled product and drawn by one of the worlds leading production facilities in Taiwan, the beating heart of the worlds bicycle production.

Our dropouts are designed in-house in Dresden and have a replaceable derailleur hanger.

The seat clamp is designed in-house and is integrated into the frame. Should it ever fail, the frame can be professionally modified to use a traditional clamp, if repair of the original clamp is not possible. We have never seen one fail.

By the Numbers

Headtube: 44mm, ZS44/EC44
Bottom bracket: 73mm BSA with eccentric shell for singlespeed
Rear spacing: 12mm x 148mm Boost, thru axle
Seatpost: 31.6mm
Rear brake: IS2000 disc
Fork travel: Rigid, but will accept 80mm – 100mm
Wheel sizes: 27.5″ or 29″
Tire clearance: 27.5 x 2.4″, 29 x 2.4″

Bonus facts and features:

Stealth dropper post cable routing
Second toptube for better power transfer (go fast)
Rigid fork with SAG-o-meter for comfort and precise steering (don’t crash)
Raw and rusty everything

Bad Granny Raw Limited Edition Information:

We take pride in our expertise in powder coating colors and their application. Although we have always declined requests for completely raw frames (even our “raw” frames come with a special clear powder coat), for this limited run, we have decided to let nature take its course.

The frame, fork, cranks, and even handlebars are completely raw steel, they will rust. None of these parts will ever been sold as raw again.

Rust is your friend. With raw steel, a little love now and again will help develop a beautiful patina while also avoiding problems in the long term.

To protect the inside of the frame, we always apply a wax coating, we do this to all Sour frames. However, the outside of the frame and parts will be left raw. To preserve these parts, we will provide a bottle of Sour Frame Oil, a perfect blend of love and linseed oil.

Bad Granny Steel Fork

Axle: 15mm x 110mm Boost thru axle
Brake standard: IS2000 disc brake
Tapered Steerer Tube 1½” – 1⅛”
Rake: 50mm
Fork length: 490mm
Max. tire dimension 29“ x 2.4“
4 eyelets per fork leg

Delivery time:

The order window will be open for 14 days maximum. The delivery time of 90 days will start once either all frames are sold or when the order window has closed.

Below are the frame and fork weights for each size of the Sour Bad Granny. These weights include powdercoating, but please keep in mind that your chosen powdercoat may be heavier than the average coating we use. Fades, gradients, and metallic colours can weigh more than single solid colour powdercoat. If you are interested the final weight, please get in touch. Weights are averaged over three frames per size. We apply a wax coating on the inside of the frame for rust prevention, this will also add a small amount of weight.

Frameweights incl. small parts

Bad Granny S/M = 2870g ±75g

Bad Granny M/L = 2990g ±75g

Bad Granny L/XL = 3110 ±75g

Fork Bad Granny: 1275 ±50g

Included with your frame

Included with your limited Bad Granny frameset is all the small parts to run any cabling you wish and a derailleur hanger. You get a rear thru-axle and a front axle with your fork as well. Headsets are not included in your order but if you need one right away give us a shout!

  • Frame includes eccentric bottom bracket, derailleur hanger (derailleur/singlespeed), axle and (integrated) seat clamp
  • Sour Bicycles Party Fork
  • Brainfart Industries CrMo Handlebar including brazed on dropper post lever (size specific width of 800/820/840, 16° backsweep and 6° upsweep)
  • Cyber Cycles Steel Crankset (160/165/170mm possible), raw
  • Actofive Chainring, 32t silver