Custom Colour Gallery

Custom Painting is dope!

Sour does all of its powdercoating locally with a powdercoating wizard that we have working together with since Sour’s inception. When we say that Frank is a powdercoating-wizard, we mean it. Did you know that all frames, all colours, are completely white before being baked? True story. If you order a blue-to-pink fade, that frame is as white as paper before going into the oven, only Frank knows where that blue turns into pink… Like we said, “wizard”.

Powdercoating is a thin, beautiful, and extremely durable coating that brings out the most in steel, but even Frank knows its limits. For those of you who want to go absolutely wild with your frame colour, we also offer wet painting. Wet paint, also known as car paint or “two component” knows no bounds. Get in touch if you have a design in mind!

Your Sour Clueless, Purple Haze, or Pasta Party can be built with a steel or carbon fork as well. Our steel forks can be paint-matched in the same powdercoat as your frame, however a carbon fork is wet painted and harder to match perfectly with your frame colour. Please get in touch to discuss possibilities!

We love custom colours! If you’re looking for some inspiration on what colour to choose for your new Sour frame, check out the gallery below! Sort by frame, colour, or style!

Please note: screen settings, brightness, photographers doing their magic often lead to different looks of the same color. Depending of the production run of the powders basis and other factors, results may vary.