Sour Party Fork

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Party Pace™ wins the race! Or, you know, the quickest, most efficient setup wins the race… it’s kind of a choose-your-own-adventure type proposition really.

When we introduced the Pasta Party, we were bombarded with the question “yeah but what about a rigid fork?”. Valid question I suppose, and although we are generally big fans of squishy forks, the Pasta Party is indeed a perfect candidate for an overland bikepacking rig. When your rig needs some extra cargo space, a rigid fork can offer some easy extra space. Read on to learn more about the fork and see some more fancy photos of it as well!

Okay, cool, a fork. What am I looking at here?
This fork is not only a throwback to the old days of BMX with most of its offset coming in right at the axle instead of at the crown, it’s also designed for all the adventures you can dream up. Want to bug-out and ride to Mongolia? Do it! Please send photos. Or maybe the adventure is just a new route for the daily commute. Rad! Please send photos!

This fork is the parmesan cheese to the spaghetti that is the Pasta Party… or something, no idea, our Metaphor Intern is off for the week, and Admin doesn’t really like pasta… But I do love running a rigid fork on an XC bike, and that’s exactly what we’re doing here!

Because this fork has four bolt holes for a cargo cage, you can mount more or less cargo, higher or lower, which will allow you to really dial in your setup. Or maybe you’re dreaming up some Mad Max fender/rack setup for the daily grind. Yep, you can use that last bolt hole for exactly that. We made the fork, now it’s up to you to get creative with some rad setups. Again, and I cannot stress this enough, send photos!


Fork Length: 490mm axle-to-crown – suspension corrected for 100-120mm travel 29er forks
Axle Spacing: Boost (110x15mm)
Brake Mount: PM180 Direct (180mm rotors without an adapter)
Steerer Tube Length: 300mm / Rake: 50mm
Internal routing for dynamo cablin’
Four cargo cage mounts, four! Count ‘em!
75mm tire clearance (29×2.6″)
Weight ca. 1650 gramm with uncut steerer tube including the thru-axle

Aus steel gemacht, we love steel, so we made one of our forks out of it as well!