Bad Granny – Limited Release

The Bad Granny is back baby!

After a years long hiatus, the Bad Granny has just slammed the double swinging doors open and proclaimed “this town ain’t big enough for the both of us”! To celebrate the return of the Bad Granny, we’ve teamed up with Cyber Cycles and Brainfart Industries to make sure this bikes re-entry into our atmosphere is as spectacular as the bike rides, looks, and just generally “is”.

A picture is worth a thousands words, right? This frame is living proof that a little extra rubber, laid back geometry, and quality steel is really all you need in life… most of the time.

The Bad Granny has been around since day one here at Sour. We wanted a fun side-project, and an homage bike seemed like a perfect fit. Singlespeed it, run gears, race it, ride it, commute it, it’s up to you! This frame can handle it all, as long as “all” ends with a cool beverage and good company.

The Bad Granny looks the same as the OG mountain bikes, but it is anything but ancient. Boost spacing, internal dropper routing, and all the other modern day standards are present and accounted for on this frame… no worries about running fancy robo-shifting if that’s your thing!

Limited Edition!
We’re bringing back the Bad Granny and to celebrate we’ve got a rusty klunker kit ready to roll. Limited to 10 sets, so get on it while you still can! Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Café Ready Technology™

A lot of our bikes are designed with big adventures in mind. Big rides, big climbs, or even big goals of riding your bike to work everyday for a month! The Bad Granny is no different.

However, instead of trans-continental journeys, we were more thinking of trans-local-trails-and-then-hit-the-café kind of adventures. Wake up early suit up in your most appropriate Vans and baggies, and head out into the wild world… who knows what could happen in the hour or two between the trailhead and the local beverage-terrace, better bring provisions!

Jokes aside, we’ve seen tons of Bad Granny frames built up into the coolest commuter in town, but we’ve also seen lot’s of them built up into what can only be described as an ATB. I know, I know, it’s wild, but the geometry can really truthfully only be described as: will shred.


2420eur for the complete set!

  • Sour Bicycles Bad Granny frame and fork.
  • Cyber Cycles steel Cyber Cranks in 160mm, 165mm, or 170mm.
  • Actofive chainring in silver, 32-tooth.

Optionally we can include a headset, new Paul 6-bolt stem, and Shimano HTII bottom bracket.


  • 2420eur for the complete kit
  • Add a silver White Industries headset and Paul 6-bolt 22.2m stem for 69eur


  • Limited to 10 frame kits, delivery within 3 months after pre-order
  • Standard kit includes Bad Granny frame and fork, Cyber Cranks, Brainfart bars and remote
  • Cyber Cranks can be ordered in 160mm, 165mm, or 170mm
  • Brainfart Bars and remote are around 820mm. Sweep and rise will all vary slightly but be around 9° and 20mm