Homebrew: The Home Stretch

When we set out on this project, we know it’d be a lot of work, a lot. And, well, it appears that you can never overestimate the amount of work when moving production halfway across the world in a time of one global crisis after another! But we have prevailed.

(If it sounds like I’m being dramatic, it’s because I am)

We are on the homestretch for all Sour frames right now, Made in Saxony Homebrew frames, but also those still made in Taiwan by our trusted frame builders.

It’s been a huge struggle to get everything situated with the rear triangle of the bikes. We’ve push a number of things to the maximum on a few frame, and that will pay dividends once you’re all out there riding, but that had meant that our rear triangles were just that extra bit more difficult with production as well as sourcing material. We’re not satisfied with settling for the norm, and neither should you be.

For example, the newest version of the Purple Haze pushes the maximum allowed tire width all the way up to 65mm, that’s not rocket science, but it took some special chainstays and a little creativity. Our Clueless gets a reboot as well, with new tire clearance and a more “ultra” attitude, and that means that this bike gets all new chain- and seatstays!

Currently all signals are good for end of May as previously noted in our newsletter. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to drop us a line. As production ramps up here in Dresden, we will keep the teasers coming, so stay tuned to our Instagram for all the most up to date photos!