Homebrew Delivery Updates

Yes you read that right, we have another delivery date update!

Let’s talk about what’s going on in the world to give some context first, as we have a number of updates that paint a broader picture concerning the frames arriving soon from Taiwan, all the Homebrew frames that everyone pre-ordered, and just the industry in general. It won’t hurt, promise!

If you’d just like to read the new delivery dates and get back to work, no worries, just skip right on down to the bottom of this email.

Right at the beginning of Sour, we chose to use powder coating because we love it’s possibilities, depth of colour, and durability. It really only made sense to do that locally, but by powder coating locally in almost hundreds of different colours every year, that adds a little delay between receiving your frame and getting it in a box towards your front doorstep.

That means we all have to keep in mind that once the frames arrive from Taiwan, or is finished being welded if you pre-ordered a Homebrew frame, our painter has to work their butt off coating all the frames. We obviously work from the top of the list to the bottom, but inevitably there are varying lead times with the frames during the powder coat process.

Everyone is riding a bike. Everyone. Your aunt Susan? Yep, she’s riding a bike. Those kids from across the street? Yep, they are as well. That is great news, because more butts on bikes is more better. Period. But, unfortunately that also means that the supply chain and every single bicycle-related factory in the world is maxed out, and then some.

Right now, it’s seatstays and chainstays. We use really nice steel for our chainstays and seatstays, but the secret is out, and the global demand for these highly specific steel tubes is through the roof! The whole industry is waiting on these parts, Homebrew as well, maybe even that second bike that your aunt Susan just bought! With this shortage, we’re looking at a delay of somewhere in the ballpark of four to maybe six weeks. We had planned on having the frames here very shortly, like in two weeks or so, getting them powder coated over the coming few weeks, and methodically getting them sent out to everyone waiting to ride their new Sour on all of the adventures.

Now it looks like we have just a little bit more time to gather more parts, prep the painter, and have Henri and Christian on standby for packing in frames at sonic speed like the ninjas that they are! Things are looking good, the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight, and that sweet sweet hum of tires on pavement while riding with a tail wind are just around the corner.

We know everyone is itching to get out there, we definitely are, especially with spring weather coming up, but we are all going to have to wait just a hair longer! We will continue to communicate with all our partners for the production of our frames, our parts suppliers, and all our dealers to keep the most up-to-date information flowing! If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to send us an email.

Thanks for coming along for the adventure!

Please keep in mind that these delivery dates are given with the most up to date information possible. Things change very quickly and we do not always get notification of shortages in a timely manner.

Orders placed up to February 2022 and before: delivery expected at your doorstep around the end of May 2022.