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Don’t Sue Us Please: The Sweet ‘n Sour Slingshot

The Sweet’n’Sour Slingshot is currently the fastest and most compact product in our range. It easily fits into any trouser pocket, despite its small size. Despite its small size, it packs a lot of power and provides an ergonomic grip.

This slingshot is handcrafted in our mechanic’s shed by skilled artisans and finished with a dark tinted clear coat. That’s why it’s a must-have for every pocket!

The BMX style shape allows for an ergonomic grip that minimizes strain on the wrist. This slingshot is suitable for individuals with large to medium-sized hands, offering excellent control.

The two-piece body is precision laser-cut using the latest computer-controlled technology, ensuring a symmetrical and precise shape. The edges are then rounded on both sides with precision and care. The handle is brazed on with skill and enthusiasm, followed by a final sealing with a clear powder coat.

If you’re wondering about the small hook on each side, it’s designed for opening ice-cold beverages from the sweet and sour side 😉

Depending on our packaging lottery, the finish will either be glossy or matte.