Sour Business Fork


This fork is the business! Made for our Purple Haze, it’s ready for long adventures, short adventures, adventures to the local café, as well as adventurous long walks on the beach at sunset with your favorite person…

…as long as it’s adventurous!

We made the Sour Business Fork specifically for our Purple Haze gravel frame, but this fork will fit any bike that shares a similar axle-to-crown length as the Purple Haze! Fancy that!

With it’s cargo cage mounts, internal dynamo routing, rear light routing, front rack mount… Okay, there are just too many features to note here. Oh! And did we mention we made the first fork of this kind that has passed the EFBE Tri-Test? Humble brag lol.

Scroll down for the low-down on the Sour Business Fork!

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The Ying to the Purple Haze’s Yang

The Business Fork is a fully featured fork for all the fun. We built the Business fork to have all the features, routing, and mounts, without feeling bloated or looking too busy… I mean, it has to look a little busy, it is the business fork after all!

It was important to add all the safety margins we could while putting all sorts of holes in this fork, we’ve seen how you ride your gravel bikes! In fact, getting the holy grail EFBE Tri-Test certification was number one on the list of goals with this fork. And wouldn’t you know it, we go it. Not only did we receive EFBE certification, we were apparently the first fork of this kind to pass the Tri-Test and we couldn’t be prouder!

The front brake is flat mount, direct mount 160mm. If that didn’t make any sense, no worries, allow me to explain. With our fork, you can install a flat-mount caliper without an adapter. That adapter that generally comes pre-installed with your new brakes? Take it off, give it to a friend, you won’t be needing it on our Business fork. For those of you thinking it, no, it won’t fit 180mm.

Living in kind-of Northern Europe, it gets dark pretty early in the winter. We love dynamo hubs for this reason, so having clean and trustworthy dynamo cable routing was also paramount. We went the standard cable through the fork leg route for cabling, but we got creative at the fork crown. By moving the holes around and adding a 3D printed guide up there, we keep your front light cable tidy and safe as well as your rear light cable, should you choose to be so safe!

The last design note before the specifications below is the weight capacity. By clearing the EFBE test, we can say that mounting a rack is no problem! As long as you keep the total load under 15kg, you’re good to go. Same goes for cargo cages, keep it under 7.5kg per fork leg and you’re scot-free!

For racks, you are required to use the lower eyelet. This eyelet uses both fork leg walls and is super strong.


  • Tire clearance up to 55mm
  • Dynamo cable routing right fork leg
  • Dynamo cable routing for rear light with 3D printed guide
  • Cargo cage eyelets
  • Bottom cargo cage eyelet goes through the fork and is front rack ready!
  • Maximum load for the bottom front race eyelet: 15kg
  • Maximum load for cargo cages: 7.5kg per side
  • 6mm hole through the crown for rack and light mounting
  • Axle to crown length: 403mm, Offset: 45mm
  • FM160 direct mount front brake
  • 12x100mm thru axle
  • Material: Carbon
  • Weight ±550g
  • Brake Mount Thickness: 35mm