Quinda’s Hope1000

A few months ago I finished Hope1000, while other things happened in-between, after some time I start to look back with a different view, memories are left, vivid images of lush green landscapes, thunderstorms and soaked shoes, mixed with the smell of cow dung and the sound of the wind. I love it, I feel […]

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Bohemian Border Bash Camp

… the BBB Race is followed by the BBB Camp! Thursday evening the camping area filled up. The first visitors of the camp moved into their cabins. We as the Sour Crew also set up our little base. Who are we? The SOUR Crew – Marie, Christoph, Henri with Quinda, Joergen and Chase from the […]

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Henri leaves the comfort zone The Bohemian Border Bash Race 2021 It was once again so far. The 3rd edition of the Bohemia Border Bash was coming up!!! Ondrey from Chimpanzee did it again! But what is the BBBR? The “Bohemia Border Bash Race” is a selection of Ondrey’s Gravel tours in Bohemian Switzerland in […]


Silk Road Mountain Race 2022

The Silk Road Mountain Race may be a new name for you, so allow me to introduce this wild ultra race from Kyrgyzstan. The SRMR is one of the more extreme “ultra-bikepacking” races of this new generation of brevet-type racing, although this “next gen” of racing differs from a randonnée or brevet in a few […]

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