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So what’s going on at Sour?

Heaps! There’s a ton going on at Sour! The past few weeks we’ve been working overtime trying to get a number of things finished and ready to get sent off. Obviously the bulk of our work is concentrated on getting finished frames out the front door and on their way to you, or your local dealer. Next to finishing all the powder coating, we’ve had our work cut out for us while trying to get the next ordering cycle for frames up and a running… a bit more on that later.

All Sour frames are painted to order. Let’s break that down. Even those if you have decided on one of our “standard” colours is still getting a frame painted “to order”. Granted, with the standard colours we are able to batch a couple frames together, the rest are often all on their own in the spraying booth (so lonely!). Some colours only have one or two buddies when they go into the spraying booth. We love being able to provide this service, and often enough this means that you all are searching out and choosing colours for your frame that we never knew about, and they’re beautiful, however, this does mean that there is a definite bottleneck in this process. When a frame is to be painted in an unique colour, that means a lot of extra attention is focused on that singular frame while other frames have to wait in line.

All of the backordered frames that you all have ordered are at the powdercoater! We’ve worked closely with our powdercoater for years, and it’s because of this relationship that we can load so many frames into his shop for coating. – it’s a jungle of Sour frames over there right now!

More than half of the container that arrived at our doorstep just a few short weeks ago has been loaded out, processed, and sent off to cyclists hungry to get out there on Sour steel! This is so rad, and we are so proud and happy. While still have a little less than 50% of the container remaining, a lot of these are smaller and larger sizes, the mediums and large sizes are already gone… but don’t worry, there’s great news ahead.

While the full release is yet to come, we are going to be opening up the order books again very soon, as we gear up and launch Homebrew frames at full capacity. What this means is that all frames will be made in Dresden, and that the production and delivery timelines should be very clearly defined. Seeing as we have all the Homebrew production in-house now, the only hurdle is the delivery of our super special Sour steel tubing, and that’s a relatively small hurdle when compared to moving an entire container of made-in-Taiwan across the globe!

Keep your eyes peeled for the newest updates about ordering our frames, we’re getting close! There will be a whole separate update for this, including a timeline for frame production in 2023. Stoked.

Chris „Sour“ Süße himself!