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Hello and welcome to our new website. We can only imagine the wild ride that finally ended here. We worked tirelessly on the new page for the last couple of weeks to finally present you a website that is up to par with the design and the quality of our products. Now, everything is organized neatly, all information is where it belongs, and you can get a better overall impression of our products.

However, as usual, there is one BUT remaining….

As you might have noticed already, you cannot hit the “buy/configure” button on every product. Here is why:

First of all, we are always trying to be completely honest with you about everything. Due to the pandemic, we are still awaiting the shipment of most of our frames. Fewer ships are leaving Taiwan and it is even harder to secure a spot on one of them. As you might have noticed, SOUR is an up and coming boutique bike brand. Hence, we have a rather low production volume as well as shipping volume. Therefor it has been difficult in the past few months to secure a spot on the shipping containers leaving Taiwan. The usual rate of overbooked containers lies within 20 per cent, which makes the chances even slimmer to secure your spot on a ship if you are not one of the “big players”. Long story short, the majority of our frames are still in Taiwan.

The current shipping/delivery situation is as follows:

The first run will arrive December 2020

The second run will arrive January 2021

Even more will arrive May 2021

We are well aware of us having missed our estimated delivery dates on all frames. We are really sorry about this and have a full understanding of all the feelings that come with having to wait for your delivery for such a long time.

We will try our best to get your product to you ASAP. In return we only ask for a tiny favor: if you do NOT want to cancel your order, please don’t call, or email us asking for updates. All pre-orders placed until now will be shipped with the January delivery dates the latest.

Having this said, I want to make a really big shout out on behalf of everyone at SOUR to all of you out there! THANK YOU! Due to your relentless support and your trust in us, we can still do what we love, even in these challenging times. We are more than grateful for that!

Merry Christmas to you and yours