Far from standard.

With our standard range of colors you can already choose between three basic colours, you can make the finish matte or gloss, and change the decalss from black to silver. If that’s not enough spice, or maybe you want to match the colour to your favourite pair of Air Jordans, drop us a message and we can help you out. We have collected a number of our custom colours in the color gallery. We’re constantly adding new photos of colours we have used. If the colour you want isn’t in the gallery, that’s okay, we just haven’t used it yet but we’re definitely keen to give it a try with you!
In general, we distinguish between three different color types for powder coating:

Solid Tone: pure pigment, no effects, gloss and matt finish possible

Metallic: fine or coarse metallic particles, color change possible, depending on the color in gloss and matte finish possible

Transparent: colored top coats which appear more or less transparent depending on the color choice and base color, gloss and matte finish possible

For better illustration you can filter our custom colors here. If your favorite color is not there, it’s no problem, we just haven’t used it yet.


When you’ve found the colour just drop us an e-mail for pricing as the price can vary from one coating to another.

In the gallery below you can find some impressions of custom builds sorted by bike models to give you some inspiration!

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