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Just a quick update to get everyone back up to speed on the delivery dates for all Sour frames. Have a read and if you have any questions, please send us an email. Thanks again for everyones patience!

Gravel Frames

After a few hiccups in Taiwan, and underway, the ship carrying our container of the last made-in-Taiwan gravel frames and more frame parts for the Homebrew frames arrived in Hamburg. What seems so simple, is of course the international-logistics equivalent of climbing Everest these days. But in any case, the container has arrived safe and sound. The next steps are to get the container cleared through customs and on a truck from Hamburg to Dresden.

Homebrew Frames

As for Homebrew frames, everything is trucking along well. The first Pasta Party frames are at the powdercoaters, and the first Crumble frames are not far behind. We are filing, welding, and finishing as fast as we can accurately go, and thankfully the coinciding building out of our little factory has been going relatively smoothly so we are able to focus on the building of frames.


Next week we are headed off to London for Bespoked, and while part of the team will stay back in Dresden and hold down the fort, Chris, Flori, and myself will be at the show… Come on by and say hello!