Get in touch! Eeither call us, email us or just go to one of your local bike shops.

The frame and fork warranty for our products is 3 years from the date of
purchase and covers manufacturing defects only. Please remember to keep
your sales receipt.

We do offer a certain amount of awesome colors. If you want to go
the custom route, you have to either do it yourself or purchase the frame at one
of the premium local shops we do work with. They can help you with the color
choice and can give you some good advice.

Yes we do. We do offer different build kits of certain models. If you want to
build your dream bike yourself woth parts of your choice, you can either
assemble it on your own or visit one of your local dealers.

Maximum disc rotor size for Crumble, CanCan, Bad Granny and Pasta Party
frames: 180 mm
Maximum disc rotor size for Bad Granny forks: 180 mm
Maximum disc rotor size for Clueless and Purple Haze frames and forks: 160

We do have a limited number of premium shops/partners that can provide you
with particular models of our line-up. Otherwise you may have to make your
purchase sight unseen. If this makes you nervous, please do get in touch with
us prior to your purchase.

We try to source the best material and quality for our customers. Because of
that, our frames and forks are manufactured in Taiwan. Taiwan is the hub of the
best quality bicycle manufacturing, and we have formed long term relationships
with our partners there. All our frames and forks are built by hand by
experienced professionals.

Powdercoating and Decals can be tough. All our products with decals have a
clear powdercoat.

There are two routes you can choose for repainting. The first option is to send
your frame/fork back to us. Well’ll the paint and have the frame
repowdercoated. This case will not impact your warranty. The second option is
to paint the frame/fork yourself. If you choose this option, we will decide if the
warranty still applies from case to case.

You can find the weights for our frames and forks in the specifications of the model.

In general, we are okay with a combined weight of rider and cargo up to 125 kg.

Of cours! Please give us a call before you are ready to pick up your bike.

Each of our frames is thoroughly inspected for manufacturing defects before
powder coating and before shipping. We test each powder coating for color
consistency and quality before we make it available in the store. Please note
that due to the manufacturing and processing, slight discolorations, minimal
differences in color brightness and small particle inclusions may occur.
Summarized in the following table you will find our quality specifications:

Craters, bubbles and inclusionsmax. 5 pcs ≤ 0.5mm² per frame / fork;
max. 2 pcs ≤ 0.5mm² in the field of view
Paint runners and accumulationsnot allowed
Wavy surface (does not apply to textured coatings) finely structured approved!!
Gloss differencesMinimum differences allowed
Color deviationspermitted, if not conspicuous, reference illumination is diffused daylight (viewing distance ci. 0.5m)