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As you all know, the Corona Virus situation is very serious.

As such we won’t be able to supply any frames to new customers for the moment.

But that won’t be forever.

And because that won’t last forever, there’s some good news.

We are able to start the pre-order for our next production of frames from now on!

Buy any frame now and pay a 40% deposit to receive:

  • Your individual SOUR frame
  • A special pre-order bundle to thank you for your support

We’ll deliver the frame as soon as we’re able to start building frames, powder coating and shipping again.

This will most likely be by mid march 2022. Our goal ist to have everybody of you on your new bike by the start oft he season.

Just to be clear, we can’t guarantee a definite timescale for this. We’ll keep pushing all the buttons we can so we’ll start painting and shipping frames as soon as we’re able. But, there are no promises. But, if you order first, you’ll get your frame first. If you have any questions, just give us a shout.



You will receive a payment link and 40% depostit invoice later this week.

So in summary:

  • Pre-order starts now and ends JAN 31rd 11.00 AM
  • 40% deposit (non-refundable), then payment before delivery.
  • To be delivered when the Corona Virus allows, most likely starting by mid march 2022

Thank you for your support!