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What is it about Homebrew?

It is the current belief that larger bike companies produce overseas only for money reasons.

There is a certain truth to that, but not everything is as it looks on first sight.

For us as a rather small company it mainly was the Know-How and the building quality we have been looking for that brought us to Taiwan. Comparing production possibilities with europe even made it clear that we could have worked for cheaper money within europe but by far not with the same quality. Since quality is key for us we decided to work with Taiwan at this point.

A deep and long term relationship with your manufacturer is major important for small businesses like us in order to stay ahead of the game.

With Covid hitting us hard, making supply chains brake down, failing orders, overdue deliveries and so on we tried everything possible to keep this boat floating as well as to keep you guys happy on your bikes.

We do not want to get too deep into everything at this point but of course we want to share the big news. We have been hard at work on a number of things but the biggest step is:

From the beginning of 2022  Sour Bicycles will open a new chapter in the brands short and exciting history by moving all mountainbike frame production in house to Germany. 

We are currently in the last steps of getting everything ready so production will start slow but the goal is to have more control over production as well as leadtimes.


We also want to let you know that

next week Tuesday Dec 7th around 11.00 AM CET we will open our shop again for the pre-order.

If you’re interested in ordering a frame, you’ll want to place a 40% deposit to secure your spot in the build/powdercoating queue. This deposit is non-refundable and goes towards the total price of your frame.

How it works:

These frames are scheduled to deliver in march 2022 but we will begin the ordering process now.

-This deposit is credited towards the final price of your frame

-This deposit is non-refundable

-You place a deposit, securing your spot in the build/powdercoating queue. Chances are, there’s a bit of a wait time after this

– we will reach out 3 weeks before your build block arrives for final payment

-If you have questions about a frame or anything else please contact us –> info@sour.bike