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… the BBB Race is followed by the BBB Camp!

Thursday evening the camping area filled up. The first visitors of the camp moved into their cabins. We as the Sour Crew also set up our little base. Who are we?

The SOUR Crew – Marie, Christoph, Henri with Quinda, Joergen and Chase from the Netherlands. Our friends from Holland joined us with their camper van and 4 bikes. Christoph drove to the campground in the evening with an incredible rig. A jeep with a roof tent and a trailer with 2 cargo bikes and 3 MTB’s stacked on it. The cargo bikes were handed over to Ondrey to supply the food points and the evening meal in convivial round could begin.

Quinda and I totally chilled on Friday. But Quinda did not let herself be deprived of a small tour. Equipped with sun chair and book I recovered from the BBR tour. Just doing nothing! Christoph, Joergen and Chase were mountainbiking nearby. In the evening Marie joined our little camp.

It’s magic – sun all day long.

Saturday started relaxed with coffee and cereal. Today we all wanted to ride the medium route of the camp. 107 km on the most beautiful trails of Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland were announced. The weather forecast was not quite so tempting. But a little rain did not spoil our good mood. The second shower was then, however, quite nasty. With a Smažený Sýr in the belly we went then freshly strengthened on the last kilometers of the tour.

Saturday evening was then well eaten and inspected the fire show. The cozy fire had given us a nice warm evening. At the end of the evening still a few songs from Nils wished and off into the good night mode.

A super nice weekend with many familiar faces and lots of laughter comes to an end.

Thanks for the great event Ondrey