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The Bohemian Border Bash went into the second round last weekend and we were there again!


Same same but better

This year we arrived on Friday to support Ondrej with our bikes and to ride the 150 km Bash on saturday. So our Bash started very relaxed on Friday evening with some small Czech beers and good times.


The next day

After a restless night due to the aftermath of the few beers, we started the day in brigth sunshine. Stephan, Basti, Falko and Steffi joined us from Dresden and completed our gang to have a good day together on our bikes.  In front of us there were about 150 km of finest trails, tracks and roads in the Czech-German border area with best weather and great people. Ondrej has put together a really fine route, with several refreshment points, delicious coffee and cake and of course some Sportpivo 😉



Like last year, Ondrej greeted all finishers with a welcome beer, making the last meters to the finish even more pleasant. After last year’s initial difficulties with the catering, Ondrej went to great lengths to make sure that everything was ready and, we think, that there was something delicious there for everyone. In the evening there was a fulminant fire show including sacrifice and afterwards a campfire, which in its size and warmth would outdo some volcanoes.

A great conclusion of a brilliant weekend, which already now calls with melancholy for repetition. We thank Ondrej for his invitation and of course all helping hands that made this event possible.

Henri & Christoph


All pictures randomly by Basti, Henri and Falko