How can something Sour be so sweet?

When we started SOUR in March 2018, it was just a small side project of a
much larger company that produced independent drivetrain solutions
for eBikes. Initially, SOUR was a playground for new ideas, shapes, and colours. From a small
idea grew a huge vision – SOUR friendships all over the world!

The feedback we received in the first few months of this “side-project” motivated us to continue
growing and bring the brand further. In May 2020, co-founder Christoph Süße bought the brand SOUR as well as all the models that he had created and took over operations completely as an independent brand. From that point on, SOUR was 100% managed and organised by riders, guided by
sweet feelings.

Sour Bicycles is about creating bikes that will stand the test of time and be
your partner in crime. In our fast paced and ever changing world, everybody needs something that
allows them to free their mind. We challenge our creativity every day to offer you
well thought out products that last, and hopefully motivate you and your friends
to have a good time on your bikes. We want to offer the best quality for a
reasonable price so that we can get get as many people on bikes as possible.

We source the finest materials depending on the final product’s purpose, and
we only use standards and techniques that make sense for you as the user. Everything happens for a reason. Our frames are all designed, painted and assembled here in Dresden, Germany, close to the Ore Mountains.

With our big cycling community backing us, including other local brands and
pub owners who love our bikes, we are happy to say this: We live and breath “SOUR”, and we want to share the passion with you through our high quality products and our unique approach.

Thanks for trusting us, and we’re glad to have you along for the ride.
Stay sweet, ride SOUR!