Can I get a frame in a different color or even raw?

No and Yes! We do offer a certain amount of tested and awesome colors. If you want to go the custom route you have to either do it yourself or purchase the frame at one of the premium local shops we do work with. They can help you with the color choice and can give you some good advice.

Do you also offer complete bikes?

Yes we do. We do offer different build kits of certain models. If you want to build your dream bike yourself and with your parts of choice you can either assemble it all by yourself or visit one of our local shops.

How do I chose the right size for my new ride?

The best way is to either call us, email us or just go to one of our local bike shops.

What’s up with the frame warranty?

The frame and fork warranty for our products is 3 years from date of purchase and covers manufacturing defects only. Please remember to keep your sales receipt.

What’s your maximum disc rotor size?

Maximum disc rotor size for Crumble, Bad Granny and PickUp frames: 180 mm

Maximum disc rotor size for Bad Granny and PickUp forks: 180 mm

Maximum disc rotor size for Clueless and Purple haze frames and forks: 160 mm

Where can I test ride a Sour Bicycle?

We do have a limited number of premium shops/partners that could provide you with particular models of our portfolio. Other than that you may be buying unseen. If this makes you nervous please do get in touch with us prior to your purchase.

Where are you products manufactured?

We try to source the best material and quality for our customers. Because of that our frames and forks are manufactured in Taiwan. Taiwan is the hub of the best quality bicycle manufacturing and they do a great job working together with us in long term relationships. All our frames and forks are built by experienced professionals by hand.

Do you clearcoat over your Decals?

Powdercoating and Decals are a tough one. All products we place decals on are going to have a clear powdercoat over them.

Is it possible to repaint the frame/fork?

There are two routes you can go on this path. The first one is to send your frame/fork back to us to have us strip the paint and have the frame repowdercoated. This case will not limit your warranty. If you choose to go the other way we might decide from case to case i fit is still in the warranty or not.

How much do your frames weigh?

A frame’s weight is always a difficult topic. Since we want to handle this opnely, you can see a complete chart of alle frame models as well as their small parts.

The powder coating increases the weight – depending on the color choice – between 100 g to 300 g.

GrößeCrumbleBad GrannyCanCanPurple HazeClueless
M2545 (650B) / 2550 (29")2610254021952134

All weights in grams g.
All weights without powder coating and averaged with 3 frames per size.
The fork weights incl. Axle can be found directly in our shop.

PartModelWeight in g
Eccentric Bottom Bracket EBBBad Granny & CanCan185
Superlight axleClueless32
Axleall without Clueless40
Derailleur hangerall20

What is the weight limit of your frames/bikes?

That is a tough question. In general we are ok with a combined weight of rider and cargo up to 125 kg. For the Pickup you can add another 15 kg. Please be aware that handling that much load requires more power, strength and attention at any time.

Is it possible to pick up my order at your shop directly?

Of course that is possible. But please give us a shout before you want to come along since we do not have certain „open“ business Hours.